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Top 7 Solar Panel Companies in Tampa

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If you are its resident, choosing a great solar panel company in Tampa is only fair. However, it can be a daunting task due to the many options.

That’s why you shouldn’t choose one blindly. Solar panels are a huge investment you can’t afford to gamble with.

That’s why this article is a must-read. Its focus is on how to choose a great solar panel in Tampa.

So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Who is the Best Solar Company in Florida?

The following are the best solar companies in Tampa, Florida;

  • ADT Solar was founded in 2007. It offers electric vehicle chargers, solar batteries, and solar panels, and the warranty is 25 years.
  • Blue Raven Solar was founded in 2014. It only offers solar panels, and the warranty is 25 years.
  • Goldin Solar was also founded in 2014. It offers solar batteries and solar panels, and the warranty is 25 years.
  • Momentum Solar was founded in 2009. It offers solar batteries and solar panels, and the warranty is 25 years.
  • Solar Source was founded in 1984. It offers solar hot water systems, solar roofs, solar pool heaters, solar batteries, and solar panels, while the warranty ranges between 10 and 25 years.
  • SunPower was founded in 1985. It offers electric vehicle chargers, solar batteries, and solar panels, and the warranty is 25 years.
  • Tesla Solar was founded in 2006. It offers solar roofs, batteries, and panels, while the warranty ranges between 10 and 25 years.

Tesla Solar is the best.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Solar Panel Company in Tampa

As you look for a solar panel company in Tampa, expect a long list of options. How do you tell that company A is worth investing in, whereas B is a waste of time?

That can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, the following things come in handy during such situations;

Company’s Size

Whereas there are exceptions, big solar companies are often better choices than their smaller counterparts. After all, they usually have many staff members.

Since the more, the merrier, there are high chances of big companies’ teams being large enough to serve you efficiently within a short period. Consequently, you save time since service delivery is also fast.

Nevertheless, one can’t insist enough on the possibility of also finding a small company with excellent services. After all, it is the management that matters.

Collaborations With Other Companies

Affiliations among solar companies are common in this energy industry. There are also other collaborations with renewable energy initiatives and solar power organizations.

Don’t they say show me your friends and I will tell you your character? The same applies to these collaborations since they speak volumes about that solar company in Tampa you are considering for installation services.

If it associates with great companies, that’s a sign that it can make a great partner. The vice versa is also true hence the need to pay attention to such details.

Competitive Prices

Whereas a solar system is an excellent investment, it would be unfair to pay more than you should due to exploitation by the solar panel company you choose. That’s why it is advisable to research and compare various companies’ prices.

It ensures that what you pay is fair and saves you money to a great extent. However, there are other things you can’t afford to overlook just because a company’s prices are lower than what its competitors offer.

After all, it would be unfortunate to compromise quality because its dire consequences will eventually catch up with you. The bottom line is getting great value for your money.

The services ought to be excellent, as should the quality of materials. The same applies to the workers’ skills and experience; these things matter a lot.

Solar Financing

Despite being a significant investment with many benefits, it is no secret that the upfront cost of installing a solar system is huge. It is one of the major reasons why most homes don’t use this energy source despite standing a chance of benefiting significantly.

Fortunately, that can get easier upon choosing a solar panel company in Tampa with outstanding financing options. These choices allow you to handle this huge investment without straining financially.

Availability and Quality of Solar Panels

A solar project requires various materials and components to complete. That requirement and the high demand for solar installation have led to the unavailability of these necessities.

Finding a solar panel company with everything you need to finish that project has become hard. That’s why you should be keen on the company you choose to avoid disappointments along the way.

Besides availability, the quality of what a company offers is equally important. Avoid companies that use inexpensive but low-quality solar panels.

The deal may sound great, but not in the long run. The efficiency of these solar panels will never be at par with the industry’s standards hence frustrating and inconveniencing for obvious reasons.

Available Services

Finding a place where you can get all the services you need is always convenient. It is a great way of saving time and money since bulk services often attract discounts.

Additionally, you will be dealing with people experienced in dealing with these products from the word go up to the end. For instance, buying a solar panel from a company that also offers installation services would be amazing.

Other necessary services include batteries, repair, inspection, and maintenance. In most cases, finding a company offering all these related services has proven advantageous.

Company’s Age

As irrelevant as most people see it, knowing when the solar panel company in Tampa you wish to outsource was founded is important. It helps you know if it has passed the test of time.

You can imagine contracting a new solar panel company only to realize it was a scam. It would be sad to lose your hard-earned money in such a manner.

Besides trust, companies that have existed for a long time have experience installing excellent solar systems and producing high-quality solar panels.

Of course, there are exceptions but better safe than sorry. You can consider new companies, but do it cautiously just in case they aren’t what they make people believe they are.


Besides reducing the risks of investing in the company’s solar panels, there is more than a warranty can communicate. For example, it tells you how much the seller trusts its products.

It is advisable to choose a solar panel company with a long warranty. As for the short and poor warranties, avoid them at all costs.