About Solair World

A new technological breakthrough was introduced by our Solar Company, SolAir World International. The ability to use Solar Energy to greatly improve energy efficiency. SolAir World International introduced revolutionary fan design increases airflow and reduces noise.

Along with our Hybrid Solar System, we now introduce a 100% Off Grid 48V DC solar air conditioner. This new product is Fully Off The Grid – the first air conditioner that will operate 24 hours cooling and heating – that costs you absolutely “Nothing to Run”. SolAir World International is fully compliant with Australian, New Zealand, Asia, EC and International Standards.

Established international Solar Company

Delivering air conditioning and HVAC products in Australia and abroad. SolAir World International is the perferred option for major distributors, builders and developers around the world as pressure increases to “Go Green”.

Our Solar Company is looking for business ethical companies that are willing to work together with us as a family. We will commit time and training to help you set up an Solar Distributorship relationships.

Warranty varies between products sold by us. All systems are designed, manufactured and tested to ISO standards.

Ninety five percent of the problems around the world come from bad installations due to bad workmanship or lack of training. SolAir World International offers comprehensive training and technical manuals.

Our parent company are the only company with research and development ability on Solar Air Conditioners in China and also the pioneers in the same field.

Beware of purchasing from some Chinese companies. There are a lot of copied units on the market and these companies will not provide support to you when a problem arises and do not have the same parts that our systems have.

Become a Solar Distrubtor with SolAir World International

To start up distributorships we do not ask for any financial payment from you, apart from two samples to start your company off. This is so you can evaluate and test the units for yourselves. If we work together as a family we will all end up having a great business venture together.

For more information about becoming a Solar Distributor with SolAir World International, fill out the form on our Contact Page.