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Jackery 500 vs Bluetti AC50S

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Portable power stations like the Jackery 500 and Bluetti AC50S have emerged as popular choices for individuals who need to keep their devices charged during camping trips, power outages, or on the road.

Both power stations have their unique features and selling points.

Which Would be the Better Pick?

The Jackery 500 is the preferred model for users who need higher power output and value battery capacity slightly over recharge times.

Its ability to deliver 500 watts can be crucial for those who may need to run multiple devices or more power-intensive equipment.

The larger battery capacity also means it can go longer between charges, which is beneficial for extended use away from power sources.

Comparison Between Jackery 500 Vs Bluetti AC50S

the winner

Jackery 500

The Jackery 500 is equipped with three USB-A ports with a 2.4A total output, making it quite adequate for charging small devices like smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. This level of connectivity is sufficient for everyday electronics.

It features a single AC outlet with a 500W power output, catering well to small and medium-sized electronics. This makes it a reliable choice for users who typically need to power smaller gadgets.

With a 60W power input, the Jackery 500 takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge via an AC source. Solar charging takes longer, approximately 7.5 hours, which is something to consider for users relying on solar power.

The Jackery 500 lacks wireless charging and comes in a single color option (orange). 

Offering around 500 charge cycles while retaining 80% capacity, the Jackery 500 stands as a decent choice for moderate use. However, it isn't the best for those seeking a longer-term investment in terms of battery life.

Bluetti AC50S

The Bluetti AC50S's 500Wh capacity is slightly less than the Jackery's, and its output is lower at 300 watts, which may limit the number and type of devices it can power.

While slightly heavier at 13.6 lbs, the difference is minimal and may not significantly impact its portability.

It offers faster recharge times, which is a strong selling point for those who need to get back to full power quickly, taking only 4.5 hours via AC and 4-5 hours with solar panels.

The Bluetti is more budget-friendly, and while it has positive reviews, the number of reviews is less compared to the Jackery 500.

The Bluetti includes additional features like a color display, SOS light, and dual carrying handles, which may increase its appeal, particularly for use in emergencies or outdoor settings.

Table Comparison Between Jackery 500 Vs Bluetti AC50S

 Bluetti AC50SJackery 500
Battery Capacity500Wh518Wh
Weight13.6 lbs13.3 lbs
Dimensions16.5 x 11.0 x 15.2 in11.8 x 7.6 x 9.2 in
Recharge TimesAC Adapter – 4.5h,AC Adapter – 7.5h,
 Solar panels – 4-5h.Solar panels – 9.5h.
Design HighlightsColor display,Black and white display,
 SOS light,Fixed carrying handle
 Dual-carrying handle 
Maximum Output300 watts500 watts
Life Cycles500 cycles>800 cycles