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Top 7 Best Solar Companies in Riverside

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Small-scale solar photovoltaic systems generate an extra 58 billion kWh of electrical power in 2022 in the U.S. The upfront expenses, the return on expenditure, and regional laws are major points of concern for solar industry owners. The truth is some states do a better job than others at supporting solar power.

One of the best cities in California for weather is Riverside! Without any snow days, lots of sunshine, and few rain showers, people in this area prefer to use solar energy. Of all the states in the US, California has the most solar photovoltaic power installed.

So, there is a better chance that you will see a greater return on investing in a solar system if the nearby power rates are high. On average, Riverside residents can reduce their monthly electricity costs by $70.

Why Do Riverside Residents Choose Solar Panels?

People in Riverside choose solar energy as the popularity of solar installation in this country has grown. Palm Springs in Riverside, has overtaken New York as the US city with the most solar panels set up. The city led the way in California in promoting the use of solar energy for the following reasons.

  • To cut energy costs every month, the people of Riverside are using solar energy. Also, to lessen their environmental impact and ensure the future of the next generations, citizens here choose solar.
  • Installing a solar energy system is a popular choice among people who want to increase the curb appeal of their property. Besides, setting up a solar home device ensures Riverside residents an adequate supply of energy every day of the year due to the region’s abundant sunshine year-round.

Nearly all of Riverside’s solar power setup businesses provide enticing incentives. These offers have encouraged more local homeowners to install solar power systems. When it concerns installing high-quality solar systems, Solar Optimum is one business that has distinguished itself!

Riverside Solar Panel Installations: Worth It?

Southern California Edison or Riverside Public Utilities provide your utility services. Because solar offers a more cost-effective alternative, both of these providers have significantly higher rates in Riverside.

The metering policy of the provider appears to be another crucial aspect of solar installation in Riverside. You can also learn about the solar supports available in your area by using the solar panel calculator. The federal tax credit for solar energy is equal to 30% that are reduced by the amount of the tax discount.

If tax liability is lower than taxes credit, you may continue to claim the credit for several years. The national tax credit is only usable when filing income taxes.  The federal tax credit for solar energy is 30%.

7 Best Solar Companies Near Riverside, CA

Want to switch to solar energy but are unsure of which solar power installer would be best for you? Selecting a solar company can be difficult, but it is worth the effort as heading solar has positive benefits.

Finding the top solar installers in Riverside and comparing prices is the first thing you should do if you want to buy solar energy devices. For your convenience, we have created a list of the best solar companies below.

Renewable USA

Many territories have benefited from the efficient solar systems and effective packages that Renewable USA created and installed. Their sales strategy is also very instructive so that the customer can get all they want to know.

In comparison to rivals, they offer more transparent pricing and pertain a stellar reputation. Your solar power and battery pack is specially designed to meet the zoning and residence requirements.

Address: 1659 E 28th St, Signal Hill, CA 90755, United States

Hours: 9 AM-5 PM

Phone: +1 888-416-1415

AMECO Solar & Roofing

AMECO solar installation has a reputation for analyzing and testing the newest solar energy technology. This is a full-time endeavour due to the constantly evolving nature of solar energy technology.

Their knowledge enables customers to select solar-powered goods that are dependable and well-made. In addition, the manufacturers of the products they offer stand behind them with strong warranties that ensure renewable energy manufacturing for decades.

Address: Somerset Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States

Hours: 8 AM-6 PM

Phone: +1 562-633-4400

Solar Max Technology

Customers of Solar Max have a significant advantage over other solar firms. With all of their business activities under one large, effective roof, they maintain low costs—and high quality—for their premium solar panels that are assembled in the USA.

They pass on all the excellence and savings to customers. For the best solar energy system planning, which includes financing options, the company discusses your needs and assesses your energy consumption and even obtains permit approval for you.

Address: 3080 12th St, Riverside, CA 92507, United States

Hours:  8 AM- 6 PM

Phone: +1 951-221-8172

Titanium Solar

Titanium Solar is the best solar company in Riverside, California focused on the needs of the customer, offering top-notch installation and service. By ensuring that you constantly have a choice of the best solar at competitive prices, they are committed to helping you and protecting the environment.

Because the company genuinely care, they give you options that suit your requirements, first-rate installation, and a personal touch. Their goal is to safeguard our planet by helping families go solar and save money.

Address: 10565 Civic Center Dr Suite 160, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA

Phone: 866-479-0726

Hours: 9 AM-5 PM

Underline Energy Concepts

Riverside and the rest of San Diego County are served by Southern California-based licensed solar business Underline Energy Concepts. This company is an expert in installing solar systems for homes and businesses.

Services offered include the installation of solar panels, solar-powered pool heating units, quiet cool solar ground mounts, rechargeable battery mounts, and hybrid water heaters, among others.

Address: 18540 Pasadena St Ste A, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, United States

Hours: 8 AM- 6 PM

Phone: +1 888-212-6522

Next Napa Valley Solar Co

Next Napa Valley is the finest solar panels available in Riverside! The company has a lot of experience working with solar energy providers to Riverside residents and has the expertise to handle everything, from residential to business installations.

They can not only install the new solar panels in your area but can fix or maintain the solar panels you already have. Solar panels are the most cost-effective and sustainable way to power your home.

Address: 1825 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507, United States

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +1 951-458-6867

Stellar Solar

Stellar Solar is the oldest solar installer in San Diego, and has been putting up both residential and business solar in Southern California. They have installed more than 12,000 solar panel systems on residences, businesses, non-profits, and places of worship throughout the area.

They won “Best Solar Company” in the Union Tribune Reader’s Poll eight times in the last 10 years, establishing their standing as the best solar business in San Diego. Steller Solar also attained SunPower Master Certification.

Address: Oceanside, CA 92058, United States

Hours: 9 AM- 5 PM

Phone: +1 866-787-6527

Riverside’s solar energy installation businesses provide enticing incentives. These offers have encouraged more local homeowners to install solar power systems. Highly skilled technicians from the companies will assist you in choosing the ideal solar system for your home.

There are many other solar industries nearby Riverside, California that can determine how much money you can expect to save annually. The list below includes a few more riverside solar businesses you may go for.

  1. Solar Source, Inc.
  2. Long Beach Solar
  3. Ivyleague Solar Installation
  4. Resonance Solar Installation
  5. Buel Solar
  6. For Me Solar
  7. Semper Solaris etc.

What Are the Riverside Solar Industries’ Environmental Impacts?

A lot of individuals have an interest in solar energy for two main reasons: it’s better for the environment and their wallets. How much can switching to solar power do to protect the environment is a question that many people may be asking themselves.

The typical person leaves behind a sizable carbon footprint. It can be overwhelming to decide what to do with the car, which emits more than 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, and energy for their home.

If you are concerned about the environment, switching to solar energy will probably have benefits. People in Riverside, California can anticipate a 50-pound annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions if they switch to solar power. They can also support environmental preservation, which has a higher value.

What Are the Solar Costs and Benefits in Riverside?

While solar panels can help you save money over time on your bills, it’s important to understand the up-front costs. There are many important factors to take into account that may affect how much it will cost.

  • You have a better chance of seeing a higher return on your solar system investment if the area’s power rates are high. On average, Riverside residents can reduce monthly electricity costs by $70.
  • The solar expenditure tax credit is equal to a portion of the project cost, which can lower the cost of your solar project. Energy bill reductions can save you an average of $28,000 over 20 years.
  • Your financial plan affects the types of solar panels you can purchase. The quantity of sunlight that hits your rooftop: Given Riverside’s exceptionally high average daily sunlight exposure, you might be able to significantly reduce your electricity costs.

Although a solar panel system is expensive up front, you can ultimately save much more money with one. However, the answer to that question is dependent on several elements, including your roof’s pitch and the cost of electricity in your area.


The majority of Americans are concerned regarding the environmental impact of their homes, according to a recent Forbes Home survey, and almost 50% of them intend to install solar panels in the future.

Even though every state has the potential to benefit financially and environmentally from this, some region such as Riverside provides better infrastructure while more encouraging than others. This increases the effectiveness of setting up solar panels in particular geographic areas.

It is now clear why people in Riverside are relying on solar energy to run their homes. Installing solar panels ensures lower costs and increased savings. So, contact any of the suitable solar companies right away to schedule an appointment if you’re searching for a reputable, honest, and professional solar installation!