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Why Does My Solar Battery Drain So Fast?


Solar batteries are quite prevalent in today’s time and have become an important part of the solar electricity system as they largely help in preserving the battery for future use.

The main use of solar batteries is to ensure that solar energy can be utilized even in the weather or areas in which sunlight is not readily available.

Nevertheless, one common problem that most users of solar batteries face regularly is that the battery ends up getting drained faster than usual.

In this article, we would discuss the possible reasons behind your solar battery draining and how you can fix that. We would also answer some other relevant questions.

How Does a Solar Battery Work?

A solar battery is an important device that works on the rechargeable process through the help of a solar panel. Solar panel absorbs the sunlight and turns it into electricity and then uses this electricity to charge the solar battery.

The battery is designed in a manner to store the energy and preserve it for later so that solar energy can be utilized even when the weather does not allow adequate sunlight.

You must have seen the photovoltaic plates of blue color with a golden grid that helps convert the sunlight into direct current.

It is with the help of the solar battery that many devices can be run and also it can be used to run the electricity in a house.

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Why Does My Solar Battery Drain So Fast?

If you are worried about your solar battery draining too fast, there might be several factors in play that might need to be analyzed first.

Firstly, you must check if your battery has an excessive load on it and whether it is drawing more energy than it is supposed to.

You can check this with the help of an expert or simply by observing the performance of the battery over time and the supply of electricity to different appliances.

Moreover, if your battery has some defect or has a technical default, it can lead to the battery draining faster than usual. You can check this with the customer care executive.

If you live in a place with extreme weather, your battery performance might be affected and it can drain faster, thus to have an optimally working battery, you need to check all these factors.

Should You Maintain Your Solar Batteries?

It is without a doubt a must that you should perform maintenance work on your solar batteries, and check whether it is working well.

Regularly doing maintenance work on your solar batteries helps ensure that the battery has a longer life and can work optimally.

If there is any wiring issue or systemic concern in the battery, it must be fixed and detected on time, otherwise, it can lead to a bigger problem and can severely affect the battery life.

Another important aspect of maintenance that is often overlooked is the cleaning of solar panels. If you clean your solar panels on time and also the terminals of your solar battery, it can go a long way in ensuring better performance.

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To avoid accidents or severe technical faults, check with your manufacturer if they have given you a viable warranty plan.

How Long Should Solar Battery Last?

It is a tricky question to answer as whether a battery would last for a specific time depends on its size, variety, compatibility, maintenance, and brand.

Nevertheless, if you use lead-acid batteries which are the most commonly used in solar panels, they can run for up to 5-6 years if used properly and charged timely.

However, if you use lithium-ion batteries, which are a bit costlier, they can function properly for up to 20 years.

The catch here is that you must ensure that you use the battery optimally and do maintenance work timely.
Charging the battery is another consideration as with more charge or a lesser charge, your battery lifespan is highly dependent on either.

How Can You Check the Health of Your Solar Battery?

If you wish to look up the health of your solar battery, you can take the help of a monitor. These monitors are easily available in almost every region and with every dealer of solar panels.

They can help in finding out the data regarding the performance of the battery and whether there are any issues with it.

Although you should not ideally rely on the results shown in the solar battery solely, they can turn out to be a great indicator in finding out if the battery is functioning well.

There can also be some visible signs of damage or wiring issues which you may be able to notice yourself.

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Additionally, you can take the help of an expert to figure out the problems in your battery if it is not working well.

What are Some Tips to Make Your Solar Battery Last Long?

Firstly, it is important to install the battery well to ensure that it faces the least amount of damage and is optimal in performance.

Further, as mentioned above, you are required to maintain the battery regularly to ensure that everything is working well inside it.

You must strictly charge the battery as per its requirement. If the battery is already charged, you should avoid overcharging it as it might lead to a shorter lifespan of the battery and poor performance.

Having an expert check on your battery timely is an ideal way to make sure that your solar battery lasts longer.


Therefore, numerous reasons can be possible behind your solar battery draining faster than usual. You must monitor the performance of your battery closely and make efforts to repair and maintain it regularly.

With proper maintenance and timely hazard detection, more than half of the problems surrounding the solar battery can be curbed.

Additionally, focus on finding the most compatible battery for your solar panel system so that you simply need to sit back and reap the benefits of your investment.

Not having a compatible battery can end up being a major reason behind most of your worries.

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