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What Is the Average Cost of a SunPower Solar Panel?

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SunPower has put in a huge number of solar power systems. The average SunPower solar panel system has 7.9 kW of power and costs $4.60 per watt. SunPower sells most of its systems under power purchase agreements. The lifetime cost per watt for these funded PV systems is $5.60.

Based on the price per watt, solar installers can be quickly and easily contrasted. You can take the total cost and split it by the system’s DC watt dimensions rating to determine the cost per watt very easily.

Prices from SunPower are 11% higher when paid for outright. A comparable system of solar panels from Sun Watts costs about twice as much as one from SunPower. Read on to learn more about our research on the cost of a SunPower solar system to find the best solar energy providers.

What Is the Price of an Individual Solar Panel?

It is advisable to have a solar system installed by a SunPower-approved contractor than buying the panels just by yourself. A single solar panel can be purchased for $100, but they do not function independently.

To produce electricity from the sun requires a system of hardware and software that includes solar panels, a converter, mounting hardware, and cables. Develop a system for tracking that keeps tabs on your system’s output, and energy consumption. So, take into account the installation and running costs.

You should deduct the projected savings on your energy costs over time, including any incentives provided by your local or state governments, once you have an estimate for the actual price of your solar system.

How Much Does a Sun Power Solar System Cost on Average?

The California-based business SunPower was established in 1985 to create concentrated solar systems. It is one of the more well-known producers of residential solar panels by maintaining higher quality.

Maxeon Solar concentrates on producing high-efficiency solar cells while SunPower would keep concentrating on maintaining solar power systems. SunPower has an excellent warranty, but everything is expensive. Is using SunPower to go solar worth the additional cost? Let’s analyze!

Which Products Does SunPower Supply?

Excellent monocrystalline solar panels are available from SunPower with a lifespan of 25 to 40 years and an efficiency range of 20.1%–30%. This rate exceeds the typical range of 15% to 20%. There are three residential solar panel lines offered by SunPower: M-Series, X-Series and U-Series.

The Series A, X, and E solar panels from SunPower are also available in commercial configurations. Each of these categories of goods has a different level of performance and aesthetic appeal, making them each more appropriate for particular applications.

What are SunPower Solar Panels Priced at?

SunPower panels are of high quality but costly. For SunPower solar panels installed, you should budget at least $3.30 per watt. The average price for standard panels in the US is $3.00 per watt. It might cost even more to choose one of their high-end models, like the 420 W M-Series.

The final cost of a SunPower solar energy system will differ depending on your location, the type of panels you select, and the size of the system. Before taking into account incentives, the prices for various-sized SunPower solar systems are shown in the following table:

SunPower solar power system price by size
System size Cost before incentives
4 kW $12,520
6 kW $19,800
8 kW $26,400
10 kW $33,000
12 kW $39,600

A Sun-Watts system is 40% less expensive to install than the typical system, including design, allows, parts, and labour. The cost of a SunPower provide will increase if you support the equipment, but whether it be through a lease, loan, or PPA, it is also important to keep in mind.

Cost and Payment Options for SunPower Solar?

SunPower does not provide online quotes. The price of a 5-kW SunPower system could range from $19,800-$22,440 without tax reductions. SunPower’s panels are comparable to the average cost of SunPower solar panels. There are ways to buy from SunPower, all of which come with 25-year warranties.

  • Complete purchase is the most economical method of payment. When you purchase a solar system up-front, you save money by preventing additional long-term expenses.
  • With a solar lease, SunPower keeps ownership of the panels while you pay a monthly fee to buy the electricity they produce. Consider that you are still making a regular payment on your electric bill.

Depending on your creditworthiness, you can own solar panels for a low monthly payment. A solar loan still gives you ownership of the solar power system and allows you to benefit from tax incentives, but over time, the interest rates will raise your costs more.

How do SunPower Solar Panels Stack up Against Other Solar Panels?

The greatest electrical output rating for any solar panel available today is found in SunPower’s M-Series 440 W panel. Power ratings for the X-Series and possibly U-Series panels are fairly typical. Any SunPower option you select will be able to generate enough power to meet your needs.

The solar panel’s efficiency rating tells you how much of the sunlight that hits it is converted into electricity. SunPower especially the M-Series’ with a 22.7% efficiency rating the highest efficiency rating.

Another important specification to consider when purchasing solar panels is power tolerance which explains how much a panel’s power output can change under real-world circumstances. The power tolerance rating for all of SunPower’s sections is -0/+5%, which is in line with industry standards.

Does SunPower’s Warranty Exist Up to Expectations?

Homeowners can feel at ease knowing that SunPower offers superior products and service warranties.  With a 25-year product warranty, SunPower solar panels are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing and material flaws as long as they are used as intended and installed properly.

The majority of solar panel manufacturers only provide a 12-year product warranty. The solar panels from SunPower will perform at least 98% of their unique rated capacity in the first year. The panels won’t deteriorate more than 0.25% annually for the following 24 years.

This annual decline rate is half of the industry average of 0.5%, which is offered by the majority of solar panels. SunPower panels, therefore, generate more energy over time compared to other solar panels due to their slower rate of degradation.


Most homeowners who install solar panels save cash on their electricity bills, whether they use SunPower panels or sections from another producer. Experience plays a crucial role in solar panel installation.

You can achieve your energy-saving objectives by working with a solar company that is familiar with every aspect of what makes an efficient solar power system. With internally produced solar technologies, SunPower has more than 30 years of expert solar power installation experience.

Although some overtime maintenance issues have been reported by customers with SunPower’s panels, proper maintenance and the company’s 25-year warranties help the majority of homeowners prevent any complications that may result from these issues.