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What Brand of Solar Panels Does SunPower Use?

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The type of solar panels you have on your roof are relevant because you pay for the energy they generate. So, quality and performance remain crucial when making such a significant investment in your home.

SunPower, an American solar cell manufacturer, produces the highest-quality solar panels available anywhere in the world. Although the company is more expensive, it provides excellent product quality and performance, a superior warranty, and a trustworthy dealer network.

SunPower uses excellent brands but they also cost a lot of money. It has a distinctive line of premium home and business solar panels made by Maxeon Solar. The higher efficiency of SunPower solar panels allows for the generation of more energy and can result in greater savings.

Does SunPower Make Use of Tesla?

The Equinox algorithm has been improved by SunPower in a special way that functions with the Powerwall from the Tesla battery. The sun’s energy will continue to power the house and charge the battery even if there is an electrical blackout in Hawaii or other places with zero export regulations.

SunPower sells the Sun Vault battery storage system instead of Tesla Powerwalls. The Tesla Powerwall, among other top battery storage options, can be used with the SunPower Equinox TM solar panels.

Even though SunPower cannot offer Tesla Powerwall products directly, you can still buy them from SunPower dealers and Registered Powerwall Installers, such as Solar Technologies, who have a special capacity to sell SunPower solar cells along with the Powerwall.

Which Sort of Solar Panel Brand Does SunPower Utilize?

Due to high-power efficiency (over 20%), monocrystalline solar cells are the current most popular solar panel. SunPower has factories in China, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, and California.   Solar panels from SunPower are produced globally in several facilities by the popular Maxeon Solar Technologies.

What Products Does SunPower Manufacture?

SunPower utilizes its solar panels, which are produced by Maxeon, the business’ manufacturing division. A Series, X Series, E Series, and P Series are the four different panel types that SunPower currently offers. These panels are made to meet various energy requirements.

  • China-based manufacturer of the P-Series.
  • Maxeon is made in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Mexico.

While the Maxeon line of solar panels ranges from 340w to 400w, the P-Series ranges from 310w to 335w. The Maxeon line is regarded as their standard offering, while the P-Series is their more affordable choice.

What Makes SunPower’s M-Series Solar Panel Special?

The M-Series solar cells are AC solar panels with integrated microinverters that are made to work alongside the SunPower Equinox system, a solar system made up entirely of SunPower-branded goods. The Maxeon Gen 6 solar cell, the most recent model, is used in the SunPower M-Series modules.

M Series solar panel features (SunPower)
Wattage 420 W – 440 W
Cell type Monocrystalline Maxeon Gen 6
Efficiency rating 21.7% – 22.8%
warranty 25 years

Homes with little roof space for solar energy systems are the ideal candidates for these panels. You can set up fewer M-Series sections and still generate a lot of electricity because they have such high-power output—between 420 and 440 Watts.

Does SunPower Provide X-Series Solar Panels?

The SunPower X-Series panel has lower ratings for power than the M-Series due to the use of fewer Maxeon Gen III photovoltaic cells, it is still adequate to meet the needs of the majority of homeowners.

The X-Series models also come in AC and DC versions and have excellent efficiency ratings. The X-Series solar panels are the first to receive the Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze Award, which recognizes sustainable manufacturing practices.

X Series solar panel features (SunPower)
Wattage 345 W – 370 W
Cell type Monocrystalline Maxeon Gen III
Efficiency rating 21.2% – 22.7%
warranty 25 years

The X-22s, the most recent X-Series modules, are only offered with white back sheets. Due to its outstanding efficiency ratings, the X-Series is another roofing system that is suitable for homeowners with small roof spaces.

What Is the Newest Product that SunPower Offers?

The U-Series panels are SunPower’s newest product and are protected by the company’s Complete Trust Warranty because they are installed as a component of SunPower Equinox structures. Since the U-Series does not use Maxeon solar technology, its cost is lower in part.

The manufacturer and the U-Series specifications are not provided by SunPower on its website. Aptos or Waaree produce such panels and then apply SunPower’s name to them. These two options don’t provide the extraordinary specifications for which SunPower is famous.

What Makes Maxeon Solar Cell Technology So Effective?

Solar energy is used for a variety of purposes, including charging the increasing number of devices that run our daily lives, for transportation and scientific research. Maxeon solar cell technology from SunPower is ideal for these kinds of projects.

The Lightyear team has driven 710 km with their Light Year One test vehicle using Maxeon 3 solar cells, which is a significant accomplishment! Over five cell future generations and 3.5 billion solar cells have demonstrated that solar cells are better when used in the most extreme conditions.

More than a pair dozen solar race cars, boats and planes, have travelled the entire planet on solar power thanks to Maxeon’s highly effective solar cells. The most demanding solar innovators select SunPower Maxeon solar cell technology to aid them in breaking world records.

Does SunPower Solar Bring the Top Brands Available?

Solar panel installer SunPower uses Maxeon products, which will separate from SunPower in 2020. The panels have up to 22.8% of the highest ratings for effectiveness available in the residential market. The most popular and well-liked microinverters are those made by Enphase.

With the highest efficiency, SunPower’s Equinox system has one of the best guarantees available. Its warranty states that after 25 years, its panels will still be producing at 92% or more of their initial capacity.

Although SunPower provides the best equipment available, you may find a better fit elsewhere if you can satisfy your requirements with less expensive panels. Even so, SunPower offers various Equinox system tiers, with cheaper choices.


One of the most popular solar panels on the market is SunPower for people who want to make sure their panels look as good as they perform. The solar panels SunPower offered are backed by some of the most powerful warranties, including security for roof that exceeds some of its rivals.

The SunPower Equinox is made up of Maxeon solar, Enphase microinverters, and hardware for mounting. Although SunPower’s prices might be a little higher than average, it’s worthwhile to include SunPower in your priority because of its greater brand quality.