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Top 6 Best Solar Companies in Sarasota

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Going green is an incredible decision, but the solar system you choose and the company you hire for the installation can make a huge difference. That’s why it is crucial to choose such things wisely.

For instance, if you reside in a town in Florida, be careful when choosing a solar company in Sarasota. It could make your project successful or waste time, effort, and money.

Given how solar projects take up a substantial amount of resources, how do you ensure that you choose the best solar company in Sarasota? Read on to find out since this article leaves no stone unturned regarding this point of concern.

Best Solar Companies in Sarasota

If you are looking for an excellent solar company in Sarasota, consider one of the following options;

Momentum Solar

Whereas this company doesn’t offer many services, the available ones are excellent and worth every penny. Expect consistent communication throughout the solar system to ensure the result meets all your requirements.

Its great warranty makes it worth investing in since there is no need to worry about risking your hard-earned money if an issue arises.

Its staff members have ample experience in installing your solar system excellently. Their knowledge of local policies ensures you adhere to them and enjoy any incentives and rebates.


It is one of the best solar companies for several reasons, including its highly efficient solar panels. You can count on it, and its Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification backs that fact to a great extent.

Customers also love the warranty SunPower offers. Despite being relatively expensive, its customers feel that the quality of the services makes them a great value for your money.

Blue Raven Solar

Besides installing a high-quality solar system, Blue Raven Solar also offers great financing solutions. Its reputation is amazing, while the pricing is competitive, and that’s an incredible combination.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sell solar batteries. Since the batteries are important, customers have no choice but to purchase them elsewhere.

Sunshine Solar Sales Group

This solar company in Sarasota also has a fantastic reputation. Its transparent charges are also competitive.

Its portfolio is readily available on its website, although it has limited information regarding the firm. It is quite transparent when it comes to credentials and licensing.

The services it offers are solar panels only.

Blue Dot Energy Solutions Inc.

This company is also transparent in licensing, credentials, and pricing. It chooses to educate you on solar systems to encourage you to invest in such projects.

It will also customize system designs to meet the needs of various clients excellently. This company offers solar panels and solar batteries.

Essential Solar Consulting

If you are looking for commercial solar services, this solar company won’t disappoint. It offers excellent solar panels and solar batteries.

Its reputation is amazing, and its readily available portfolio shows its customers’ service satisfaction. Since the solar system needs differ from one customer to another, Essential Solar Consulting customizes system designs accordingly.

It will educate you to make great buying decisions along the way.

How to Choose the Best Solar Company in Sarasota

Since there are many solar companies in this town, consider the following factors to narrow down your search;

  • The quality of the solar equipment the company uses
  • The quality of the installation process and services
  • Certifications such as NABCEP
  • The customer services its previous clientele has received from the solar company
  • That company should also have relevant licensing
  • The experience of the staff members in charge of the installation also matters, and the more it is, the better for your solar project
  • One should also consider solar installations insurance
  • Don’t overlook the length and coverage of its warranties
  • Equally important, the prices need to be competitive

How Much Does the Average Solar System Cost in Sarasota, Florida?

It is no secret that Florida’s local and state administrations offer federal tax credits when installing solar panels. If you factor in this cost-saving feature, a solar panel in Sarasota ranges from $10300 to $12600.

It will cost you an average price of between $2.32 and $2.83 for every watt. Such costs make solar systems affordable in Florida, and Sarasota isn’t an exception.

How Many Solar Companies Are in Sarasota, Florida?

Interestingly, the number of solar companies in Florida is big. It explains why choosing a solar company in Sarasota is such a daunting task.

What do you expect when choosing from a pool of over 370 solar companies? That’s why you need to be careful when choosing one so that it can meet your solar power needs excellently.

The solar companies in Sarasota alone are 30. That’s also a big number to work with, especially since choosing the right is crucial.

Is Sarasota 100% Solar-powered?

It is no secret that Florida is known for having a town that’s 100% solar-powered. Is it Sarasota, by any chance?

Whereas Sarasota has made great strides toward this achievement, it still has a long way to go. However, one must appreciate those towns already there.

An excellent example is Babcock Ranch in Florida, that’s 100% solar-powered. The town has installed over 700000 solar panels despite having just 2000 homes.

These figures give an idea of the great solar coverage in Babcock Ranch. Despite Florida’s extreme weather, this town install durable insulated solar panels to handle these extremes.

The homes are weather-resistant and energy efficient. What a remarkable step it is toward going green.

Should I Consider a Local or a National Solar Company in Sarasota?

Local solar companies and their national counterparts extend their services in Sarasota, Florida. Local ones include Xando Energy, Green City Solar LLC, Universal Contracting & Solar, Stilwell Solar, Florida Solar Design Group, Florida Solar Power, Custom Solar and Electric, LCC, and SolarWise Energy Solutions.

On the other hand, available national solar companies include Momentum Solar, ADT Solar, Trinity Solar, Tesla, Sunrun, and SunPower. In most cases, local solar companies are cheaper than their national counterparts.

However, it narrows down to preference at the end of the day.

Solar Services in Sarasota, Florida

Almost every solar company in Sarasota offers one of the following services;

  • Solar panels
  • Solar batteries
  • Commercial solar services
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Solar panels’ removal and reinstallation
  • Solar roof shingles
  • Roofing services