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How To Install Solar Blanket Pool Cover To Reel?

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A solar blanket pool cover is an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep your swimming pool at a comfortable temperature.

Solar blankets trap sun rays and use them to raise the water temperature, saving energy while making the pool more comfortable for swimmers.

By covering the pool surface, evaporation is reduced, and it also saves water, chemicals, and costs over time.

Solar blankets are designed to block harmful UV rays to protect swimmers while also preventing the degradation of materials in the pool.

The cover can act as a barrier to leaves, dirt, and other debris, keeping the pool cleaner.

Solar blanket pool covers are an environmentally friendly option as they harness solar energy and reduce the need for mechanical heating.

Install Solar Blanket Pool Cover To Reel

Installing a solar blanket pool cover to a reel is an efficient way to manage the temperature of your swimming pool while also making the cover easier to handle.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing a solar blanket pool cover to a reel:

Clean The Pool Area

Ensure the pool and surrounding area are clean and debris-free to avoid any solar blanket damage.

Assemble The Reel

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the reel system at one end of the pool.

Spread The Solar Blanket

Lay the solar blanket over the pool, bubble side down.

Ensure it covers the entire pool, including a small overlap for potential shrinking.

Trim The Blanket

If necessary, trim the blanket to fit the shape of the pool, but leave a small amount of extra material on the edges.

Align The Blanket With The Reel

Position the edge of the solar blanket to align with the reel, ensuring it is straight.

Attach the Blanket to the Reel

Use the provided straps, clips, or a universal attachment kit to secure the solar blanket to the reel.

Roll the Blanket onto the Reel

Slowly and carefully roll the blanket onto the reel using the hand crank.

Ensure that it rolls evenly and smooth out any wrinkles as you go.

Adjust as Needed

Check for proper alignment and make necessary adjustments to ensure the blanket rolls up straight and evenly.

Test the Reel

Unroll and reroll the blanket a few times to ensure the system works smoothly.

Maintain Regularly

Periodically inspect the reel and blanket for wear and tear, cleaning and lubricating as needed.

Advantages Of Solar Blanket Pool Cover

Energy Efficiency

Solar blanket pool covers utilize the sun’s natural energy to heat the pool, reducing the need for electric or gas heating systems. This helps in saving on energy costs.

Water Conservation

By reducing evaporation, the cover helps conserve water, particularly when water is scarce or expensive.

Reduction In Chemical Usage

By limiting water evaporation, there’s less need to continually balance the pool’s chemicals, reducing the amount of chemicals required for maintaining the water’s pH levels.

Temperature Maintenance

The cover helps maintain a stable water temperature, even overnight or during cooler days, thus prolonging the swimming season and enhancing comfort.

Ease Of Use

Most solar blanket pool covers are lightweight and easy to deploy and remove, making them convenient for daily use.

Protection From Debris

By covering the pool, the solar blanket helps remove leaves, dirt, and other debris, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy as a heat source reduces dependence on fossil fuels, providing an eco-friendlier approach to heating your pool.


With no additional equipment to purchase and minimal operating costs, solar blanket pool covers are a cost-effective way to maintain the pool’s temperature.


These covers are generally compatible with various pool shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for different types of pools.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many solar blanket pool covers come in different colours and styles, allowing them to blend in with the pool’s surroundings or add an aesthetic appeal to the overall landscape.

How Do I Choose The Right Reel For Solar Blanket Pool Cover? 

Choosing the right reel for your solar blanket pool cover is vital.

Measure the width of your pool, and select a reel that is compatible with those dimensions.

Consider the material, whether aluminium or stainless steel, that suits your climate and budget.

Also, look for a reel that accommodates the thickness of your solar cover.

Some reels come with adjustable width options, making them more versatile.

How Do I Secure The Solar Blanket To The Reel? 

To secure the solar blanket to the reel, you’ll need to attach a leading edge or straps to the end of the blanket.

This will vary depending on the specific reel model.

Most attachments require threading the straps through the reel and securing them to the solar blanket with clips or screws.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper attachment, allowing smooth rolling and unrolling.

Can I Install The Solar Blanket Pool Cover Reel By Myself? 

Installing a solar blanket pool cover reel is a task that many individuals can perform themselves.

However, having a second person to assist might be helpful, especially with aligning the cover and attaching it to the reel.

Following the instructions, using the right tools, and taking your time will help ensure a successful installation.

If you feel uncertain, seek professional assistance.

How Do I Maintain The Reel Once The Solar Blanket Is Attached? 

Regular maintenance ensures smooth operation once the solar blanket is attached to the reel.

Keep the reel clean from debris and occasionally check for loose parts or wear.

Lubricate moving parts, if necessary, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Properly storing the reel during the off-season or severe weather will also extend its lifespan.

Regular care ensures the efficient use and longevity of the reel system.

What Should I Do If The Solar Blanket Doesn’t Roll Smoothly Onto The Reel? 

Check for misalignment or uneven tension if the solar blanket doesn’t roll smoothly onto the reel.

Ensure the blanket is properly attached to the reel and the straps or clips are evenly spaced and secured.

Also, verify that the reel is level and positioned correctly.

Sometimes, simply adjusting the alignment, re-securing the attachments, or lubricating the moving parts can resolve this issue.