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How Long Can Solar Generator Power Your Device?

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Purchasing a solar generator requires a keen understanding of your energy needs to ensure you select a size that aligns with your requirements.

The market is saturated with a myriad of solar generator capacities, which can make the selection process seem daunting.

So, how can you decide the right size of a solar generator and how long will it power your devices?

How Long Will Solar Generator Power Your Device? A Simple Formula

The working time of a solar generator can be deduced with a straightforward formula:

Working time=500Wh(capacity)×0.85 / Operating wattage of your device

For instance, if you have a device like a laptop consuming 60W, the working time can be calculated as follows:

Working time=500Wh ×0.85 / 60W= 7 hours (approximately)

In simple terms, a laptop drawing 60 watts can be powered for 7 hours on a 500Wh solar generator.

This formula is a reliable guide for assessing the working time for most solar generators.

Later in this article, we will present a table detailing different run times based on the varying capacities of solar generators.

The significance of wattage can’t be overstated. The formula illustrates how the right size of the generator for you hinges on the wattage each appliance you intend to power demands.

While the total Wh (Watt Hours) of your generator is pivotal, the wattage it can manage is equally crucial.

Solar generators usually come with two ratings:

  1. Wh – Watt Hours, indicating the storage capacity of your generator.
  2. W – Watts, reflecting the type of inverter integrated into it.

Solar generators harbor DC (Direct Current) electricity, but your appliances operate on AC (Alternating Current) electricity.

Hence, a conversion from DC to AC is imperative before your generator can fuel your device.

This transformation is executed by the built-in pure sine wave inverter. Like batteries, inverters too have a maximum threshold.

Inverters are gauged by the wattage they can accommodate.

When a solar generator is rated as 500Wh/300W, it essentially conveys that the embedded battery can stock 500Wh, and the integrated inverter can energize devices rated at 300 watts or below.

Therefore, having a clear picture of the appliances you aspire to power is pivotal before plunging into the purchase of a solar generator.

This foresight will ensure that the solar generator you choose aligns well with your energy requirements, ensuring a harmonious energy flow during usage.

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How Long Can Solar Generator Power Your Household Items?

Understanding the runtime of common household items on a solar generator is crucial, especially off-grid or during extended outages.

Devices have diverse energy needs; for example, LED lights consume less power compared to refrigerators and TVs.

Assessing battery capacity and energy consumption helps estimate a solar generator’s runtime for different appliances.

A smaller generator might power lights for several hours, but larger ones are needed for appliances like refrigerators over longer durations.

Using a 2400-watt solar generator, here are some runtimes:

  • Phone (12W): around 132 times;
  • CPAP Machine (40W): about 33.7 hours;
  • Projector (60W): around 25.2 hours;
  • Refrigerator (360W): about 10.5 hours;
  • Coffee Maker (1000W): around 1.9 hours;
  • Cutting Machine (1600W): around 1.2 hours.

For smooth operation, ensure the solar generator’s capacity aligns with each device’s power requirement.