Solar Hot Water Systems for Solar Distributors

SolAir World International is proud to introduce Solar Hot Water Systems that can provide up to 90% of your hot water needs, free from clean natural sunlight. By switching to a SolAir World International hot water system, you can reduce your water heating bills by up to 90%, conditions apply.

Solar Hot Water Systems are manufactured to military standards and have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place.

ground mount flat panel electric boost system

Ground Mount Flat Panel Electric Boost System

  • 4mm tempered & patterned glass impact tested to withstand a 25mm hail stone
  • All copper collector - manifold, risers & fins
  • Black chrome selective coating maximises energy absorption
  • Anodized aluminium alloy frame, longer lasting
  • Double sealed to avoid leakage
  • Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions
evacuated tube electric boost system

Evacuated Tube Electric Boost System

  • Lightweight, Excellent cold weather performance
  • Frost protected without glycol, Passive sun tracking
  • Self cleaning design, Aesthetically pleasing low-profile design
  • Thermostatically controlled electric boost
  • Extended parts and labour warranty available