Solair World

Solar Hot Water Heaters for Solar Distributors

SolAir World International is proud to introduce Solar Hot Water Heaters that provide innovative energy saving for home or commercial purposes.

Conventional hot water systems account for up to 31% of the total energy use in the average home. By switching to a Solar Hot Water Heater, you can reduce your water heating bills by up to 90%*.

These Water Heater Models have roof mounted Solar Panels connected to a ground mounted solar storage tank and/or boosting heater. The solar input is harvested with a circulation pump controlled by an electronic temperature differential controller.

Solar Hot Water Heaters are manufactured to military standards and have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place.

Solar Hot Water Heater Pressurised Tank with Panels

316 Stainless Steel Tank

  • SAWE-150-PAN 150 Litre Tank + 1 Panel
  • SAWE-200-PAN 200 Litre Tank + 2 Panels
  • SAWE-300-PAN 300 Litre Tank + 2 Panels

Solar Hot Water Heater Unpressurised Tank with Tubes

  • SAWE-100-TUB-10 100 Litre + 10 Tubes
  • SAWE-150-TUB-15 150 Litre + 15 Tubes
  • SAWE-200-TUB-20 200 Litre + 20 Tubes
  • SAWE-250-TUB-25 250 Litre + 25 Tubes
  • SAWE-300-TUB-30 300 Litre + 30 Tubes
  • SAWE-360-TUB-36 360 Litre + 36 Tubes