Solair World

What is Solar Corrosion Protection?

World’s first SolAir World’s Corrosion Protection combined antimicrobial and anti-corrosive coatings complies with 6000 hour salt spray test (ASTM B117-11)

Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical reaction with their environment and if uncontrolled, is a cost that continually increases over the life cycle of assets, plant and equipment.

Coastal and heavy polluted air spaces can add up to 15% of ongoing running costs of ownership to your assets. Corrosion can significantly reduce the life of plant and increase breakdowns and reliability in addition to requiring ongoing maintenance.

Why have SolAir World’s Corrosion Protection?

  • Most anti corrosion coatings that are applied to assets such as air conditioners or heat exchange plant are applied at the point of manufacture and require an oven baked process, which is both time and process expensive.
  • The typical application of these coatings requires a complete strip down of existing units with components then shipping to external coaters.
  • These coatings are generally toxic to apply and require specialist facilities and applicators.
  • SolAir World’s Maintenance Corrosion Protection can be applied on-site at the time of installation – saving time and money. It can also be applied in your own premises and does not need oven curing for curing to aluminum coils and other surfaces due to unique chemical curing process.
  • Independent testing has shown that even after over 8700+ Hours of accelerated salt spray testing, equating to 50,000 hour or ten years of ‘real time performance’ , our coating does not show any potential signs of corrosion.