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How Does Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Works?

How does solar air conditioning and hot water system work?

The air conditioning system uses both mains electrical power and solar thermal energy. The air conditioning system always requires mains electrical power to operate fans and electric control components.

The air conditioning system uses solar thermal energy as an energy source to help maintain the refrigeration process which in turn reduces the amount of electrical energy required to run the compressor.

The air conditioning system operates under the same principles as a conventional air conditioning system where refrigeration takes place as a result of the phase transition of the refrigerant.

The difference between an air conditioning system and a conventional system is how the vapour is changed back into a liquid state in the refrigeration cycle.

How Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Works?

Many people when looking at purchasing an air conditioner traditionally come across two different types of technology – conventional and inverter. But now there is a third player in the market, solar hybrid, and why is solar hybrid air conditioning even better?

The next-generation solar hybrid air conditioners take the improvements made by inverter technology to the next level. By capturing thermal (ambient) energy, the amount of work the condenser does is reduced under full load and significantly extends the time the compressor is cycled off.

How Do Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners Operate?

They absorb thermal solar energy by using a thermal collector with copper heat-conducting inner coils. This then uses the stored energy in the solar collector to continue the refrigeration cycle while the compressor is off utilising a larger stored amount of refrigerant liquid in the condenser.

The collector, compressor and the condenser have been designed to work in tandem to allow a smaller compressor to be used. The smaller compressor consumesless electricity and combined with the solar collector, SolAir World’s air conditioners optimise energy savings and reduce running costs.

Simply put, the hotter it gets, the more energy is collected in the thermal hybrid collector, the more efficient the system becomes.

The Original Thermal Boosted Solar Air Conditioner

SolAir World is an established international company delivering products and services through-out Asia, Australia, India, the Middle East and beyond.

A new technological breakthrough, using thermal energy, when sized and installed correctly makes Solair World air conditioning up to 50%* more energy efficient at an affordable price.

After seven years of research, hybrid thermal boosted air conditioning systems are now available at an affordable price and systems can pay for themselves within a very short period of time.

With comparable installation costs to a conventional system, SolAir World air conditioning will become the preferred option globally and is positioned to become the preferred option for major builders and developers as pressure increases to go “green”.

  • Saving you up to 50%* in energy usage…
  • Quieter than traditional systems
  • Professional installation by Solair World accredited installer provides a 5 year warranty