Solair World

Ducted Solar Air Conditioners for Solar Distributors

Want to cool or heat your whole house? Ducted Solar Air Conditioners are the most cost effective option.

Ducted Hybrid Thermal Air Conditioner

The unit is suitable for houses up to 300 square metres.

  • 10kW Single Phase Split System
  • 12kW Single Phase Split System
  • 14kW Single Phase Split System
  • 20kW Single Phase Split System

Ducted Hybrid Thermal Concealed Type Air Conditioner

Super thin design, the thickness of indoor unit is only 20cm. Multi vane design, making the room more comfortable and harmonious.

26dB low noise. Keep a constant temperature while you sleep.

Strong dehumidification to keep the room dry, and avoid the trouble of intermittent drizzle in the rainy season.