South East Asia / Pakistan Solar Air Conditioners

The GEN 2 solar air conditioners will utilize the maximum amount of available solar power drawn from the PV modules directly during the day, even though there is no grid-tied utility power. When the sun is not shining, this ultra high-efficiency heat pump (A SEER 21 rating without solar and SEER 35 with solar) will still keep you comfortable and save you money by using battery storage compared to a normal grid tied Air Conditioner or heat pump.  Connected by solar panels during the daytime, and a battery bank for night time.

The 100% Off Grid is a full 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner.  It uses no electricity and can not be connected to the grid.  Effectively reducing operating costs by up to 100% during the day and night.  The 100% Off Grid Unit uses a combination of Solar Power and Battery Storage.

Advantages & Technology

Our solar air conditioners use green energy, and are 100% powered by solar PV panel's directly during the day.  They are high efficient in design, using less power consumption, long life and are to Military Grade Standard.  

Military Grade means:

  • Our products are more robust.
  • Ability to operate in most hazardous environments.
  • Built to perform under extreme pressure in severe conditions such as the desert, or by the sea where there is harsh-corrosion and sand by using our unique anti-rusting, anti-corrosion and anti bacterial coating on the condenser coils.  
  • They have the ability to perform under extreme hot and cold environments, high altitude, high humidity, ensuring long life under these conditions. 
  • Built to a T3 Standard and will operate in temperatures of up to 55 degrees C without losing efficiency.

  Both the Gen 2 Solar Air Conditioner and 100% Off Grid 48V DC Inverters have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place.

gen2 solar air conditioning 

HYBRID GEN 2 Solar Air Conditioner

  • Connect up to 10 solar panels (Max. 300V 15A Solar DC input)
  • Runs on 100% solar DC power directly in the daytime & battery back up for night time
  • 12,000 BTU Cooling / 13,000 BTU Heating and 18,000 BTU Cooling / 20,000 BTU Heating
  • Plug-and-play solar connection
  • Back up by batteries for night use

Models: SW-HYBRID-12-G2 12000 BTU
Models: SW-HYBRID-18-G2 18000 BTU

100 percent off grid air conditioner split system

100% Off Grid 48V A/C Split System Single Head

  • Operates using combination of Solar Power and Battery
  • Comes in many different models, ask your Solar Distributor!
  • No AC power required to operate indoor or outdoor units
  • Plug-and-play solar connection
  • 48V Solar Battery Power and Anti corrosion technology
  • Accessories Required: Batteries, Solar Panels

Models: SWWR-35IM 12000 BTU
Models: SWWR-50IM 18000 BTU