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Top 5 Best Solar Companies in Charlotte


There are various benefits that Charlotte residents stand to enjoy upon going solar. There are incentives, tax credits, and other renewable energy advantages, such as environmental conservation.

However, one can only enjoy these advantages upon choosing an excellent solar company in Charlotte. So, how do you ensure that you select the right partner in your solar installation journey?

What are your options regarding the best solar companies in this region? This article ends the doubts, dilemmas, and challenges regarding the best solar companies.

So, keep reading to help you choose a worthy solar company in Charlotte. Read on!

Which is the Best Solar Company in Charlotte

Regarding the best solar companies in Charlotte, one has several options. These companies include the following;

365 Solar Energy

Whether you need commercial or residential solar services in Charlotte, this solar company has your back. The manufacturer of the solar systems it installs is Generac Powercell.

It entered the solar industry in 2016, and its founder is Matthew Stiner. Besides solar systems, one can buy a monitoring system (24/7 reliable) and backup battery power, among other components.

There is one notable deal referred to as the Energy Efficiency Package. It comprises attic staircase covers, blown-in insulation, a water heater blanket, a Nest thermostat, and LED lighting.

Pink Energy

This solar company in Charlotte is also great for solar panel installation. If you are a local utility farm, it is also ideal for processing your permit requirements.

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Its Generac battery solution promotes undeniably essential power backup. Other services include the installation of LED light bulbs and Nest thermostats.

According to the Business Intelligence Group, it won the Excellence in Customer Service Award in 2021. That speaks volumes regarding the services its customers enjoy.

Renu Energy Solutions

Besides solar, this company is known for providing the Charlotte metro with renewable power. It serves commercial and residential clients alike.

Besides the provision of power, Renu Energy Solutions also provide energy storage solutions. Its NABCEP certification means you can trust the company to do a commendable job.

It offers several services, including installing roof solar panels, assessing your energy needs, and designing solar systems. Others include maintenance support, solar systems to national utility grids’ installation, and permit paperwork processing.

The company was founded in 2010, and its track record is impressive. For instance, it has already completed more than 4500 projects over the years.

Tayco Electric & Solar

Besides the Charlotte metro, this local company extends its solar services to neighboring communities. Its customers reap various benefits thanks to SunPower solar systems.

These benefits include environmental conservation, home value-boosting, and locked-in savings. On the other hand, its services include assessing your site, designing the solar system, carrying out inspections, requesting necessary permits, and installing and activating the solar system.

The fact that the company is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer says it all. Besides, it has been offering its services to various customers since 2006.

Empwr Solar

First, this solar company in Charlotte partners with the Building Performance Institute and Biolite. Besides Charlotte’s clients, it serves commercial and residential people in its neighborhood.

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Its professionals are NABCEP certified and hence offer excellent services. In addition to installing solar systems, the company educates its clientele to ensure one makes wise decisions.

Its services also include home energy assessments ideal for essential home improvements. Excellent examples include solar attic fans, duct sealing, and new insulation, depending on one’s needs.

Equally important, Empwr Solar has notable memberships with the Solar Energy Industry Association and the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.

How to Choose a Solar Company in Charlotte

If you want to settle for an excellent solar installer, there are things you can’t afford to ignore. They include the following;

Experience and Expertise

The more experience and expertise, the higher the chances of getting your home’s needs. After all, such a solar company has mastered the art of customizing energy requirements.

It depends on the needs of various clients.

You can’t overlook the certifications and licenses, but looking beyond them is crucial. Pay attention to what their past customers say about their services several years later.


Does the company offer the services directly, or do they introduce subcontractors? Whereas that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you get excellent services, it is fair enough for the company to put either arrangement in the open.

If there are subcontractors, establish their role in your solar project. It should also be clear about the role the solar company plays.

You get to establish who to be held accountable and when. Otherwise, you may become a victim of a meaningless blame game or, worse yet, get caught in the middle of the parties’ disputes.

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There are two crucial aspects when it comes to warranties. You must understand what it covers and the validity period.

A single solar project often has several warranties. An installer will offer a workmanship warranty, whereas manufacturers also have various warranties for the different components.

In either case, get all the warranty details. These include any additional cost for replacements and all the exclusions to avoid confusion.


Never ignore its reputation unless the solar company is new and you are its first client. That’s probably why it is advisable to consider companies established a while ago.

If people praise it, you will likely join the chorus after their installation services. On the other hand, a bad reputation implies that you will soon be another one of its sad clients.

Since you may not know its customers personally, consider reviews. The more good reviews, the better the choice, and vice versa.

What is the Average Cost of Installing Solar Energy on a House in Charlotte

Most households in Charlotte settle for a solar panel size of 5 to 6.8 kilowatts. That translates to an average installation cost of between $12750 and $17250.

The cost per watt is between $2.57 and $3.47. Residents also enjoy up to 30% federal solar tax credit.

So, a solar company in Charlotte charging more than that for such a size may not be ideal. Before commencing your solar system project, you should also ensure your budget is ideal.

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