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Can You Use a Screen Protector with Garmin Solar Watch?


A watch that is operated by a solar cell is known as a solar watch or a sunlight-powered watch. Garmin watches have a fiber-reinforced polymer, corning gorilla glass that is physically strengthened, and a solar-powered battery to make an enduring device.

The primary source of charging a Garmin Solar watch is not the solar system. The solar watch confront will show the solar energy level or lux conditions as an icon that covers as the solar intensity rises.

Garmin manufactures its watches with a variety of power glass, sapphire transparent material, and corning gorillas for its watch models, which are renowned for scratch resistance. If you still intend to use a screen protector on your Garmin watch, be aware of how it will impact your watch’s functionality!

How to Maximize Solar Charging in a Garmin Solar Watch?

Garmin solar watches transform sunlight into electrical power using power glass or power sapphire watch lenses. The watch receives 50k lux when it is in bright sunlight with a solar brightness of 100%, which maximizes solar charging capability.

Some factors are beyond your control, but they have an impact on solar charging. A few have insignificant effects, whereas others have greater impacts. Let’s talk about the factors that affect solar charging.

  • The sun’s location, along with the duration of the day and the season
  • Weather includes clouds, rain, and other climate conditions that could block or obscure the sun
  • Exceeding the 0-60 °C solar power temperature thresholds
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There are some ways to get the best solar charge possible from your solar watch and increase the time among charges. Orient the lens or display so that it faces the sun, do not put anything on top of the screen. The best way is to wear the watch with the lens facing away from your wrist.

Is the Garmin Solar Watch Scratch-resistant?

The scratch-proof power glass lenses on the Garmin solar watches make them resistant to scratching. Compared to Sapphire glass, this type is weaker and less scratch-resistant. The Sapphire predictions of the Garmin watches are said to have crystal glass which is the third most popular mineral, right after diamonds.

Gorilla glass is also used by Garmin, it is not as scratch-resistant as Sapphire. You should handle Garmin solar watch carefully and keep it away from abrasive edges to guarantee it is the greatest defence against scratching. A protective case on the inner surface of your wrist can also lessen the chance of scratching.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the components used to build the specific watch model will determine the level of resistance to scratches. Therefore, you must visit your watch’s requirements page on the web if you want to know with certainty whether your Gramin watch is scratch resistant.

Screen Protectors for Garmin Solar Watches?

Garmin solar watches have a feature that enables them to charge to sunlight to increase battery life. You can get maximum use out of your solar charging watch, so have a better understanding of how the technology operates.

As screen protectors will lessen the amount of solar intensity that the Power Glass lens receives, Garmin does not advise using them. The watch won’t be covered by Garmin’s warranty if harm to the screen occurs while employing a screen protector from a third party.

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Do Screen Protectors Affect Solar Charging?

Screen protectors might waste certain of the solar intensity that isn’t a big deal. Some users tested their solar watches with screen protectors before and after using them in the sun, but they were unable to detect any differences in solar charging.

A screen protector will lessen the amount of light reaching the solar panels because it would add another layer between a light source and the solar cell. But you may don’t want a scratchy or broken screen that won’t charge at all than a few percent slower solar charging, so you can use a protector, up to you!

Although it will have a small or no impact, screen protectors of any kind are not advised by Garmin because they will lessen the amount of solar intensity that the Power Glass lens of the solar watch receives.

Why Garmin Solar Watches Can’t Have a Screen Protector?

It is recommended against using a screen protector on Garmin Solar. According to Garmin, the protective covering lessens the solar intensity that your watch’s power glass lens can capture.

The maker of the solar watch utilizes this glass lens to reflect sunlight, which is then transformed into electrical power to recharge the watch’s battery. This solar power plant is not designed to store energy indefinitely.

The received lux conditions, however, are said to be around 50k lux or more if you reveal your watch straight to sunlight when the solar intensity is 100%. But there’s a chance that the brightness of the sun won’t be 100% if you cover the screen of your Garmin Solar.

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This is so that your power glass lens can’t capture more lux levels for recharging the battery as it hinders direct sunlight from entering. However, some users assert that a screen protector makes their Garmin Sunlight watch function flawlessly.

With a Screen Protector, the 6x Solar Watch Works Great!

By incorporating cutting-edge technology, enhancing features, and driving the boundaries of developing statistics and indicators to track, the 6x solar smartwatch is way ahead of a variety of watches.

The watch is made with the best-tempered glass available and is 100% free of bubble adhesives for quick installation and clean removal. Constructed of AGC glass, it has higher transparency and 99% light transmission, revealing the true colour of the phone.

It has explosion-proof to 0.2mm, and guards against drops, scuffs, dirt, and dust, with no impact on touch-screen accuracy. This solar watch works perfectly after applying a screen protector. On a sunny day, you can let it run for six hours before checking the widget.


The fact that Garmin advises against using screen protectors on watches. But some users claim that it doesn’t prevent solar charging and the amount of sunlight is the same as when there isn’t a protector.

So, by adding the screen protector to the solar watch, you may have no problems with charging. But if ambient light levels are lower, the protector alters the solar intensity which has an impact on solar charging.

We’ve tried to explain some issues with screen protectors in case of using a Garmin solar watch to you concisely. So, when selecting a scratch-resistant solar timepiece to buy, you don’t need to be hesitant.

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