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Can Sunking Solar Charge Power Bank?


You will come across several options when looking for a solar power solution. One notable brand that has passed the test of time is Sunking.

One must admit that it is living up to its name. It efficiently converts sun radiations into solar power, enough to power most homes.

However, if you haven’t heard about it, it is only fair to learn as much as possible. For instance, can Sunking solar charge a power bank?

What does it even offer its customers as a solar power solution, to begin with? That’s where this piece comes in.

Here is a detailed discussion on Sunking solar solutions. Check it out!

What Are the Components of Sunking Home Solar Power Solution?

You have most likely heard people describe the Sunking solar solution as an ideal choice. That’s because of its notable characteristics, such as effectiveness and simplicity.

It is known for powering one’s lighting system, especially during emergencies. The components responsible for that include the following;

  • 12-watt solar panel
  • 3 hanging lamps
  • A 12,000mAh powerbank
  • Powerful LEDs providing up to 600 lumens
  • USB charging station

These components complement each other to ensure that you get lighting for an entire day, 24 hours, upon charging it fully. If a single charge is that powerful, isn’t it an excellent option, especially during emergencies?

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Sunking Solar Panel

First, one must mention that its solar panel is detachable. It is also flexible thanks to its long chord that can extend up to 19.5 feet, thus making it possible to place it on a well-lit area like the roof.

Its materials include industrial-grade glass and aluminum for its frame. Under such circumstances, it can last for an extended period, not forgetting it withstands harsh weather conditions.

Hanging Lamps

As mentioned earlier, the package contains 3 hanging lamps. Despite coming together, these lamps have separate light switches.

The light switches are wall-mountable to enhance convenience. Equally important, the switches allow you to control the various hanging lamps separately, thus making it possible to set various brightness depending on the occasion at any given time.

If you are relaxing on your patio late at night, you can hang these lights for as long as necessary. The same applies when going for a camping trip, an underlit storage room, or a dark garage, among other similar locations.

Solar Battery

The commonly used solar battery technologies include Lead Acid, NiMH, and Lithium-Ion. However, Sunking doesn’t use any of this.

On the contrary, this manufacturer uses a more advanced technology. It is none other than the Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery.

It gives the brand an edge over its competitors hence worth considering. Besides, you may not need to replace the battery for the next 5 years upon buying one.

What Are the Advantages of the Sunking Solar Solution

Upon purchasing this package, expect to reap various benefits. Here’s a summary of what you will gain;

  • A warranty of up to 2 years
  • A solar battery that can last up to 5 years
  • Powering your lighting needs for about 24 hours upon charging in the sun in a day
  • A polycarbonate shell that’s water-sealed and hardly breakable
  • A power bank battery with a capacity of up to 12000 mAh
  • Its battery uses an advanced technology called Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP)
  • The brightness of its lights is adjustable up to 3 different levels
  • Expect the hanging lamps to provide about 600 lumens
  • After all, the package has 3 hanging lamps, with each providing about 200 lumens
  • The lamps also offer LED lights known for many benefits, including energy efficiency
  • Its solar panel is detachable
  • The chord is extended with a length of up to 6 meters
  • The solar panels are also durable thanks to their materials, such as aluminum, and the additional protection from industrial-grade glass
  • Lastly, the solar panel has a wattage of up to 12 Watts
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If that’s fair and an excellent value for your money, don’t hesitate to consider this solar solution for your home.

Can Sunking Solar Charge a Power Bank?

The answer is a resounding yes for obvious reasons. One of the components of this solar solution is a USB charging port.

It comes in handy when charging gadgets; a power bank is no exception. The package also has 12000 mAh; you can always charge it with the solar panel whenever necessary.

Alternatively, you can expose it to direct sunlight or connect it to a power outlet.

The power bank comes in handy when charging various USB devices. It makes it a great addition to your home power solutions.

Can I Use Solar to Charge Power Bank?

Even when not using the Sunking components, charging your power bank using solar is possible. Rest assured that the external batteries can charge fully when using solar energy.

Nevertheless, the charging options aren’t limited to solar. You can also recharge one using a power outlet, depending on what’s available in your case.

Can Sunking be Charged with Electricity?

Sunking is a solar solution, but one can’t help but wonder about its compatibility with electricity. By design, Sunking is made to charge with solar panels, part of the package you purchase.

Nevertheless, a time comes when solar energy is unreliable. The days could be rainy or cloudy, and it is no secret that a lack of direct sunlight can jeopardize solar power production.

Under such circumstances, could electricity be a viable alternative? Yes, do not hesitate to charge Sunking with a Nokia mobile phone charger if it comes to such.

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How Long Does It Take for a Sunking Power Bank to Charge Fully in the Sun?

Whereas a power bank is an excellent device for backup power supply, it is only helpful if charged. So, ensure it is fully charged to rise to the occasion if needed.

For instance, expose your Sunking solar power bank to direct sunlight. Preferably, do it during peak sunlight hours since it enhances its charging capabilities.

If you are wondering how long it will take for the power bank to charge fully, don’t expect an exact figure and instead work with a range. After all, you are dealing with an energy source beyond your control.

On average, this period ranges from 25 to 50 hours. If the sunlight reaching it is obstructed, expect the period to be even more extended for obvious reasons.

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